Allie Maisey   - Complementary Therapist and Stress Consultant
Treatments and Prices
I offer a wide choice of treatments to suit all individuals, and can mix therapies to provide the best treatment for you.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.
Stress Management Programme £120
If you suffer from the symptoms of stress and it is affecting your life, why not consider joining our six week Stress Management Programme.  In groups of less than 4 people, you can learn techniques to use in everyday situations, and create a balance in your life.  Each session lasts for one hour, with groups running during the weekday  and weekend. Please contact Allie for further details
Reflexology  - Feet £30
This treatment involves working on specific reflex points on the feet, which can prevent ill-health, aid stress relief, treat many conditions or give a great feeling of well-being. The benefits of reflexology can have a powerful healing effect, and assists in restoring the whole body's natural balance.  This is a deeply relaxing 45- 50 minute
Reflexology - Hands £25
Working on the same principles as foot reflexology, hand reflexology is beneficial for those who do not like their feet being touched or have a condition which makes it difficult to treat the feet.  This 40 minute treatment includes a deep hand massage
Indian Head Massage £25
This ancient treatment consists of a massage to the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.  It is used widely for many conditions, including stress, neck tension and headaches. This treatment can be carried out whilst sat in a chair, fully clothed and lasts for 40 minutes, making it ideal for on site massage within the workplace.
Jasmine Scalp Massage £20
Using Warm Jasmine oil, which is known to have healing properties, this 30 minute treatment can stimulate hair growth, as well as improve the condition of the hair. A deeply relaxing treatment.
Remedial Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £22 / £27
Working on deep muscles in this area, adhesions can be found and worked on to improve muscle tone and reduce pain caused by tension.  This treatment lasts for 30  or 40 minutes.
Pre Blend Aromatherapy Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage  £25
As above but using pre blended aromatic oils. 30 minute treatment
Remedial Legs and Feet Massage £18
A relaxing and therapeutic 30 minute massage to the legs and feet, applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet.
Relaxing Arms and Hands Massage £18
A relaxing and therapeutic 30 minute massage to the arms and hands, applying pressure to specific reflex points on the hands.
Pre Blend Aromatherapy Full Body Massage £40
Consisting of a full body massage, including the feet, face and head, using pre blended aromatic oils. This deeply relaxing therapy works on all levels and lasts for 60 minutes.
Body Massage £32
An all over massage, including the feet, face and head which is an ideal way to prevent tension in the body and to promote a state of relaxation. This treatment increases joint mobility and improves blood circulation. This is a 60 minute treatment.
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes £60
A luxurious 90 minute treatment consisting of a  body massage, incorporating an Indian Head Massage and a Reflexology treatment working on specific indication points.  This is the ultimate treat and will leave you feeling rejuvenated. A great present for a loved one.
Thermal Auricular Therapy (Hopi)  £26 or £16 for a child under 12
This ancient technique using hollow biosun candles made from natural ingredients works on drawing out impurities from the ears, as well as balancing the pressure within the ear.  This treatment is very relaxing, and includes a massage to the face and head.  It lasts for 40 minutes,or 30 minutes for a child and can help assist in the treatment of hay fever, glue ear, head colds, vertigo and sinusitis. Please note, if your ears are very blocked with hard wax, this treatment may not be successful and your ears may need to be syringed by your GP.
Gift Vouchers 
Gift Vouchers available to the value of the treatment required.
Making an ideal present for your friends and loved ones.
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